US DOT approves Nuros next-gen driverless delivery vehicle design

With this exemption, Nuro can change mirrors with video cameras and other sensors, round the edges of the automobile so that it takes up less space and replace the windshield with an opaque panel. Nuro will also be able to run the rear view video cameras continuously, whereas in guest cars they should be shut off when the car is progressing to prevent disruptive human drivers.As the business discusses,”Federal automobile requirements were written for today’s traveler cars and trucks and trucks. At Nuro, we’re developing something entirely different: a zero-occupant lorry.”Following public roadway testing, Nuro plans to start the first driverless shipments to clients ‘homes in Houston, Texas, where it currently partners with Walmart and Domino’s.(The company has actually likewise partnered with Kroger in Arizona.)While Nuro is grateful for the DOT and NHTSA exemption, the business states it hopes this will result in new design regulations for zero-occupant delivery cars, so that companies can advance the technology without requiring exemptions.